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Pet Healing- Distance Healing to your loving pet-


I have been asked so many times from my customers why can I not do healing for their pets.

As a pet lover myself, I love my dogs and bunnies. All animals are extremely sensitive to divine healing energy and thoroughly enjoy the experience of healing. Healing energies can be sent to any animal anywhere across the world. During Distance Healing sessions animals usually become calm and relaxed

I have used my healing on my own pets too and they love it.

I unfortunately I cannot have your pets come to my Leicester office, Sorry!

All healing will be done by distance healing and I will send my loving healing energy to them.

Depending on the animal they may need many sessions of healing.

The healing should help your pet feel more in peace and hopefully make them sleep better. Also helps your pet to feel more at peace on a daily basis.


I will need full details of your pet. Also a good time when they relaxed or asleep! More information about the pet, more the merrier. Please note I am not a veterinary surgeon .Healing does not diagnose and is not a replacement for professional veterinary advice and treatment. So please make sure your pet gets seen by the vet first

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